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Power Wash Sidewalks

West Orange Power Wash – Powerwash Sidewalks, Porch & Pavers

Sidewalks and porches come in many different styles and material. But they all have a couple things in common. First; they all have to endure sun, rain, snow and temperature variations. Secondly; they are all made of porous materials that make them virtually impossible to clean with a garden hose, or even a scrub brush.

In order to remove that baked-on filth, something much more powerful is required. That’s where West Orange Powerwash comes in. We have the high-pressure washing tools that can bring your sidewalks, porches and pavers back to “like-new” condition. We are experienced professionals that will thoroughly clean your sidewalks without damaging them at all. When we are finished with the job, the only sign that we were there will be your sparkling sidewalks, porches or pavers.

If you are selling your home, the “curb appeal” plays a big part in the price you can get. If you’re not selling, why would you want any part of your estate to be anything less than it’s best?

The price is reasonable. The stress for you is non-existent. The result is amazing… we guarantee it!

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