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Power Wash Fence

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“Wow, that is one ugly fence. What an eye sore.”

Is that something you might hear in your back yard? Well, have no fear. West Orange Powerwash is here to save that fence.

Believe it, or not; we can clean the dirt, grime and years off that decrepit old thing and bring it back to life. It makes no difference whether it’s made of wood, vinyl or even steel. We will strip it down so that it appears as new.

It’s been relentlessly hammered by the elements every minute, of every day since it was first put up. You can’t fault the fence. It just needs a little attention. If you take care of it now, you won’t have to replace it later.

We, at West Orange Powerwash, are here to help you give it that attention. We will come in with our high-powered pressure washers and blast the age away.

The cost, as well as the time to fix your fence are both surprisingly, quite low. Low cost/low effort now vs. high cost/big effort later.. what’s to think about.

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