West Orange Power Wash. West Orange, NJ

West Orange Power Wash. West Orange, NJ

West Orange Powerwash

Owning a home is a full time job. Every time you think you’re set; something goes wrong, from plumbing to electric to needed a fresh coat of paint to a tree coming down. There is no rest for a home owner.

With all the things required to maintain your home, the easiest, most cost-effective thing to keep the exterior of your home looking it’s best; keeping a great “curb-appeal”, is your friendly, neighborhood power washing business. For a couple bucks, and a few hours time, your house, driveway, sidewalk, deck and fence can sparkle as if they were brand new.

Pressure washing will remove the grit and grime that accumulates from the elements. It will powerwash all that dirt away without harming the wood, vinyl or aluminum siding of your house, fence or deck.

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West Orange has a long and forward-moving history. Many of the homes were built well over 50 years ago, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look like new. Far from being old and run down, it is considered one of the more upscale communities in Essex County. Most of the home owners take great pride in maintaining their houses and property. It’s not difficult to show your house in a prideful light. A little pressure washing goes a long way.

West Orange Powerwash is a family owned and operated power wash business providing quality residential service to West Orange, and all of Essex County for over 30 years.

Our powerwashing rigs are all fully-equipped with professional, commercial grade equipment, utilizing Hot water capabilities and adjustable pressure to ensure we have the right pressure for the job. The same pressure and heat settings should not be used for all surfaces as some surfaces are more delicate than others, and we are fully trained to recognize the subtle differences. One size does not fit all!

One company that does “fit all” is West Orange Powerwash. Customer Satisfaction is our mantra. We will make your home shine as new!

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