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Putting up a deck is a pretty big expense. Once it’s up you must maintain it. Day after day it’s attacked by sun, rain, snow, and in this part of the country, temperatures ranging from 0℉ to 100℉. You know how that swing effects you, what do your think it does to your deck? It’s amazing the thing can survive for years and years. And, if you take care of it, it could outlive you.

Besides keeping it coated with some sort of water seal, you also need to keep it clean. In fact, it’s best to seal it up, right after we at West Orange Powerwash clean off all the grit and grime. We will be happy to apply a heavy duty sealer to prolong the new, clean appearance. It will also serve to protect the wood from the elements. Once we’re finished, your deck will look as good as the day it was built.

Having your deck pressure washed is so affordable, why would you not want it to look it’s best, and have it last for years?

We will come in and complete the job in a matter of hours. Once we’re finished the only evidence that we were even there will be the look of your beautiful deck.

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