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Driveways come in many different materials. No matter if they are concrete, asphalt, pavers or even rubber, they all stain from weather, oil, tires, birds, or any number of other things. Over the years, if not maintained, your driveway can truly become quite unsightly. It’s such a slow process, that you may not even realize the extent of the change.

It really doesn’t take all that much cost or effort to bring the appearance of your driveway back to “like new” condition. While we can’t do anything with regard to extended wear, we can remove many of the things that could be causing that wear.

We will come in with our high-power pressure washers and blast the dirt, oil and grime away. The porous surfaces of brick and concrete make them especially difficult to clean, and a garden-variety hose just can’t do the trick. At West Orange Powerwash, we have the tools and experience to remove any stain from your concrete or brick structures, without damaging the surfaces. Oil, gum, dirt, and debris present zero difficulty for our pros. Your driveway will appear as if it were put in yesterday.

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